The international practice 

International legal practice is one of the activity areas of the law firm Eagle Consulting. The service implies the use of foreign companies, as well as the instruments of international law in tax planning to reduce validly the expenses of the legal entity.

We provide the following international legal practice:

  • Advice on international tax planning, registration, and taxation of foreign legal entities
  • Comprehensive assistance in the course of registration of foreign companies and in opening bank accounts
  • Maintenance of foreign legal entities, including domiciliation, director appointment, search for shareholders; legal services, bylaws preparation, financial and accounting statements of the company; bringing the legal entity documents in line with the legislation of a foreign country (translation, notarizing, apostille, etc.)
  • Acting for clients in Russia and abroad
  • Legal support for investment activities of foreign legal entities in Russia

International legal services are geared for domestic and foreign legal entities that operate in the territory of any state and wish to minimize their costs. You can seek professional advice in the law firm Eagle Consulting.

Why choose Eagle Consulting for international legal support?

Cooperation with our company simplifies the daily activities of the legal entity, allows making more profit and exactly adhering to Russian and foreign statutory and regulatory requirements.

The main advantages of Eagle Consulting are a staged-managed professionalism, attention to the customer and always-high quality and prompt services.