Accounting support 

Whether you have started your business from scratch or manage already a successful company, you can make mistakes because everything is developing, the conditions, laws, society's demands are changing. In such circumstances, a competent accounting service is the main condition for success and development.

Law firm Eagle Consulting provides comprehensive accounting services for legal entities and self-employed persons.

Accounting service implies the involvement of outside experts for tax records maintenance and accounting, as well as for other purposes in this field. Our experts act for clients in course of their business or non-profit activities under the concluded contract and during the period specified by the parties.

Accounting support for self-employed persons and legal entities include:

  • Verbal and written advice on any matter relating to financial accounting and maintenance of accounting records
  • Restoration of financial accounts
  • Comprehensive accounting services, which includes the buildup of accounting policies, preparation, and filing of tax records and financial accounting to the competent authorities (statistical offices, tax authorities, State non-budgetary funds)
  • Carrying on other matters in the field of financial and tax accounting

What are the advantages of Eagle Consulting

The main advantage for our customers is a comprehensive maintenance, accounting, and tax services to the extent that is necessary and jointly determined. When choosing the services of Eagle Consulting, you also get:

  • high-quality accounting and tax maintenance
  • working relationships with qualified and experienced specialists
  • speedy solution to every issue
  • precise compliance with laws
  • guarantee of complete fulfillment of the obligations under an agreement

In addition, remote accounting services save you the cost for placing an employee in the office, additional staff management and costs for training and proficiency maintaining the on-staff accountant officer.