Re-structuring of business

Eagle Consulting provides legal entities with comprehensive services for the restructuring of business activities. It implies changing the structure, form of business organization, corporate capital, as well as its constituent parts. Under the restructuring, changes can concern the financial and economic policies, management systems, marketing, business operations, and monitoring.

There are several types of restructuring:

  • Partial when one or several elements are changed or complex when systematic changes affect all elements of the company
  • Strategic that is done to increase the enterprise value or operational that is aimed at improving the financial responsibility

A company needs business restructuring if it pursues, at least, one of the following objectives: tax, management or business processes optimization, better profit margins, provision of security, or bankruptcy risk prevention.

Why choose Eagle Consulting and our services

Under restructuring, we offer comprehensive services:

  • Work out recommendations for changes in the structure of the legal entity, for capital structure, and for protection of the business owners’ interests
  • Bring forward proposals on business process optimization, the construction of corporate and legal control system, and improvement of the investment prospects of business
  • Give advice on tax optimization and protection against hostile takeovers

The advantages of Eagle Consulting are high quality and efficiency of services, working relationships with various experts, extensive experience in business restructuring and focus on the development of individual programs with due regard to the specific features of the legal entity.