Due Diligence

Due diligence includes processes carried out to investigate of a business or private person that is an investment candidate. The procedure implies the analysis of documents, comprehensive financial and legal examination of the company. due diligence allows identifying the risks, the investment attractiveness of the object and the expediency of the transaction.

This service is recommended before the beginning of cooperation with a particular company, before the signing of an agreement, taking the final decision about purchasing, or before statutory consolidation / merger.

Due diligence process includes:

  • Business appraisal, i.e. calculation of the company's value under different use options: market, residual, or investment value
  • Examination of financial system, tax and accounting, reporting accuracy, as well as tax risks recognition and possible profit estimation via analysis of documents, contracts, indebtedness, and internal monitoring
  • Legal analysis, i.e. analysis of the company’s eligibility, labor relationship, examination of incorporation and organizational documents and existing contracts

Each component of the procedure is based on the inspection of documents, dealing with external information sources, registries and court cases. The result of due diligence analysis is the relevant report with a detailed description.

Why choose Eagle Consulting

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